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Perhaps you’re thinking ‘What the FDCK?!’ when you’re reading the name of this drug. But it really is just a variation on ketamine and deschloroketamine, and it’s been available for a few years now. Why develop something that is almost identical to an already existing substance? Ketamine is illegal, 2-FDCK isn’t. Some people prefer substances that aren’t fabricated illegally.

Just like ketamine, 2-FDCK is tough to dose. The strength is also different for everyone; it really depends on whether you take it regularly, since tolerance creeps in quickly. With a low dose, you can get into a dreamy state, where you’re slightly disoriented. With a high dose, you can start tripping balls. And all kinds of dissociative effects can take effect, like the sensation that your spirit is disconnected from your body.

With an extremely high dose, you can enter a K-hole, just like you can with ketamine (…or would that translate to a FDCK-hole?). An experience that’s described as a near-death experience. It can be spiritual, but also very frightening. You can avoid this by taking little bumps instead of big lines. 


2-FDCK is a new psycho-active substance (NPS), which isn’t in professor David Nutt’s drug-harm index. The risks haven’t been researched enough to make any definitive statements about it. Drugs are never without risks, though. For more information, we’d like to refer you to Psychonautwiki, where you can read more about: effects/ risks/ addiction


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