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A fairly new drug that has become extremely popular in a short time is 3MMC. Which isn’t all too surprising, since the effect is an appealing combination of two other favorites: cocaine and MDMA. Just like with MDMA, it can give you a euphoric, loved up feeling and just like cocaine, it can make you buoyant, energetic and even a bit horny. All in all, it’s a substance that works in several different scenarios. It’s not just a party drug, but also somethig you can enjoy wiht a few friends or alone with your partner. 


3-M, as it’s popularly refered to, can be taken orally or nasally. Especially when you snort it, you are  eager to snort more. So in that respect, it also resembles cocaine. Not much is known about the risks, because the substance is quite new. It can cause irritation of the upper airways. And there have been some cases of psychosis, liver damage and heart failure linked to the use of 3-M. The chances of a problematic experience seem to increase when you take it in combination with GHB, MDMA, amphetamine or tramadol. The combination with anti-depressants seems to be tricky as well. To minimalize risks, you’re best off taking 3-M pure and in moderation. 


3-MMC is a new psycho-active substance (NPS), which isn’t in professor David Nutt’s drug-harm index. The risks haven’t been researched enough to make any definitive statements about it. Drugs are never without risks, though. For more information, we’d like to refer you to Psychonautwiki, where you can read more about: effects/ risks/ addiction


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