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‘Soms zie ik mijn werkgever en denk ik: “meid, ook jij kan een pilletje gebruiken.”’

I recommend drugs over alcohol. Drugs make you feel sharp and that you’re aware of your surroundings and alcohol makes you faded and weak. I found that out when I got sexually abused while being drunk. I was just off my head and didn’t notice when his hand went over my thighs. On drugs, something like that is less likely to happen, my sensors are proactive then. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. 

But not everything around drugs is about puppies and sunshine. I’m a caretaker and I think I’d like to specialize in dependency management. I’ve seen a lot of addicted people in my family so I’m fully aware on how bad it is. I have never seen my uncle who’s an addict because my mom wants to protect me. But even professionally I wouldn’t share my love for drugs. I bring around all these heavy drugs and if my boss would know, she would probably raise eyebrows. But sometimes I think she should try some too, she could really use it.   

Even my mom doesn’t know I try it from time to time. That’s sad because I really want to share it with her. Fortunately, I can see that in my little sister too. She is experimenting and luckily, she is sharing it with me. We decided to smoke a joint soon. So happy she has a big sister she can share everything with.