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Become a

High Human

First of all, to create an honest society, in which shame and taboos will be obliterated.

Secondly, because our platform is a source of inspiration, where science and personal experiences are offered in a harmonious way.

As a High Human you actively help to amplify our impact within society, by forming an open and honest dialogue. You become part of our community, where fear will be replaced by candidness and integrity. The only way to realize this goal, is by portraying people who tell real stories, the good ones and the bad.

Last but not least, as High Human you become part of an inspiring network of individuals. Not only are we an online platform, but next to that, we also provide educational workshops and seminars. Our network is growing tremendously and is even expanding on an international level. On top of this we are building toward a community App. Follow the roadmap below and sign up now!

Why become a High Human?

‘The purpose of this platform is to destigmatize substance use and work together toward a better national drug policy by starting a conversation with each other’

Become a High Human

Share your experience with drug use

This could be anything! Positive or negative! Be honest. What drives you to become a High Human? We strive to portray a realistic picture and plead for a responsible drug policy. Every story matters.



Public confessions


Anonymous confessions

Why do you want to become High Human?

  • You also want to change the drug policy in the Netherlands
  • Support our quest for a different course
  • Become part of an open minded community
  • Get access to information
  • Meet people from our community 
  • Stay informed about all the political developments regarding this topic
  • Be honest and help others who struggle with addiction. Be responsible and active
  • Become a mentor and share your knowledge

High Humans is a non-profit organization

Share our platform with friends and family and support our group of professionals in creating a more honest society.