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Het aanbod aan drugsvoorlichting is momenteel schaars, en High Humans wil hier een verschil in maken door zoveel mogelijk informatie aan te bieden. Antwoord geven op jouw vragen. Op deze pagina vind je artikelen, content en informatie over drugs, op basis van ervaringsdeskundigen en professionals.

‘Koen in search of education’

In the first episode of a new show, called ‘Koen in search of education’, Koen Pieter van Dijk, also known as Koen Kardashian, is looking for people who play a vital role in the development of young people.

The literature regarding drugs used to be limited to classic novels such as ‘Christiane F.,’ where the sinister reality of heroin depiction is depicted. Thankfully, the current offer of literary works tend to be more informative and educational. Here are our must-reads.

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