Kristina Vazir (27),

Self-discovery Coach

My whole life I’ve been hesitant towards drugs. Growing up in Greece, illegal substances simply never crossed my path, nor did I look for them. My father was abusing alcohol and seeing him getting aggressive after drinking, killed my desire to lose control or drug myself in any way. 

Recently I moved to the Netherlands and this relit the curiosity to experiment. I ate a space muffin and the experience was fun for me. It showed me that I don’t have to fear losing control. It made me confident to explore more. Shortly after, I met a guy that told me about ayahuasca. The idea of witnessing a ceremony in the Netherlands from a certain Amazonian tribe made me really excited. I decided to join, not knowing anything about the medicine… At arrival I saw mattresses lying on the floor with blankets and buckets on the side. It made me feel nervous; “What is going to happen here?!”. The ceremony started with a body cleanse with smoke of special tobacco and gratitude salutations. I felt present and ready. Soon everyone took a shot of the medicine and laid down. 

I didn’t feel anything special and started worrying that I would fall asleep. Until it did start working. It was as if I could tune into different states of being human. From connecting with all the micro sensations in my body to all the things outside of me and then tapping into my brain. What Plato called the world of ideas was opening up to me. As if I stood before a huge library of ideas and information. Every question that popped up in my mind was answered. It felt like a conversation with God and God not being outside of me but inside. I was God. For about a month after the trip my intuition and creativity were incredibly strong. In this period, I created a method out of the experience. It is called ‘Bridge The Dimensions’ and focusses on behavioral change. Spreading it has become my new life calling!

“It was as if I could tune into different states of being human.”


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