High Humans supports the petition ‘Start beter drugsbeleid’ (Start better drug policy). Because we think the current Dutch drug policy is inadequate: it costs tons of money, yet drugs are cheaper and more easily accessible than ever. Meanwhile, there is no education on the dangers, criticism on the policy is ignored, and heavy-handed war-on-drugs rhetoric prevents a dialogue about real solutions. Most of all, freedom of choice is pushed aside and the voice of intelligent recreational drug users is not taken seriously. 

‘Start beter drugsbeleid’ asks the Dutch Chamber of Representatives to discuss a new drug policy without prejudices, based on scientific research and in collaboration with relevant organizations and drug users themselves. This will result in the lowest dangers to public health, will curb the expenses of drug enforcement, and will do justice to people’s right to make their own choices.

We should stop the drug paranoia. And start a better drug policy.