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Confessions of High Humans

Jasper van ‘t Hoff (31)


‘Drugs pasten niet in mijn fanatieke sportleven’

‘Until I was around 23 years old, I wasn’t really interested in using drugs at all. I was an athletic at this time. I did this at a fairly high level. I always passed the joint that was circulating in the room and the pills at a festival. It just didn’t fit in my fanatic sports life.    

However, I eventually decided to try truffles. I did this together with three good friends of mine and my girlfriend at that time. It was a very nice living room setting, which made me feel very comfortable. Once the truffles started to work, I entered a magical world. All the colors were suddenly so intense, in a very nice way. It featured a song by the composer Ludovico Einaudi, which we then put on repeat throughout the evening. You could feel the song going through your whole body. The sound was even more beautiful than I could ever dream.

After this I have tried the whole standard ‘drug menu’ that we know here in the Netherlands. This starts with ecstasy and MDMA and psychedelics like truffles and LSD. Still, psychedelics have my great preference. The reason for this is the effect it has on how you view the world as a person. All the lights become more intense and all the people around you become a thousand times more beautiful than they already were. In addition, psychedelics have been able to offer me my biggest life lesson up to this day. I came to believe that we are so much more connected with everything that is living around us than we realize. This goes from the trees in the forest to the people you pass on the street. I think it would be good for everyone to have a psychedelic experience. If everyone takes a low dose once and goes through this experience under supervision, I think the world will become a more loving place. ‘