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‘Ik schrok me dood. Zijn gezicht was compleet verschrompeld en hij had slagtanden!’

To me, drugs are a means to destress. To relieve some of the tensions that life brings about. Usually I’m quite a stickler for detail. I’m very perfectionistic: I need everything to go my way. When I take some LSD, I can let go. I become a whole different person. And can suddenly find it funny to not know what I’m doing.  You have probably seen after movies of festivals where a bunch of hippies were dancing like maniacs, swinging and swaying their arms. That’s probably due to LSD. LSD hands you over to your surroundings. To lights, smells, colors and specifically music. You can literally feel the beats pulsing through your body and drift off while dancing. In that moment, it all feels very natural. It feels fantastic. But it looks like crap. 

I’ve heard so many pink elephant stories about LSD. As far as I know, that’s all nonsense. Your hallucinations usually stick to what’s real. Existing things just start to reshape. Trees almost appear to be coming for you: that’s how strongly their leaves and trunks seem to be moving. Actually, everything comes to life. Even faces!

During this one trip I was lying in the grass, when a friend bent over me, placing his face above mine. I was frightened to death. His face was completely shriveled and he had tusks! When I got up to take a better look, his face had changed to that of a young, chubby boy. 

What’s most prominently on my mind when I think of my LSD trips, is all the laughter. On LSD, I have laughed until I cried. So many times. Until I just couldn’t anymore. And hangovers? Non-existent. As long as I don’t drink too much, I actually feel better after an LSD trip. There was this one time when I took a little too much. It was during a phase of my life when I suffered from a lot of stress. In the subsequent two or three weeks, I oddly felt like a relaxed and friendly person. Even other people noticed the difference. That’s how LSD can affect you. So if there’s one type of drugs off which the taboo should be lifted, it should, in my opinion, be LSD.