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‘Ik begon door die truffeltrip weer bij nul, wat heel zwaar was’

I did experience a really intense and hard trip around two years ago. I went to do truffles with two close friends of mine. I found myself very inclined to go out and be surrounded by nature. However, my friends did want to stay inside, so we did. This ensured that I ended up in a spiral of thoughts, I could not change my thoughts to something else. I started thinking about the usefulness of life, which resulted in what you could call a bad trip. Although I do believe that something like a bad trip does not just happen out of the blue. I believe that the thoughts that come up at that moment are already deeply rooted in yourself. I totally lost myself in these thoughts but managed to find distraction in a simple game of Mario Kart. I thought it would just stay with this experience.

After this experience, I walked around for another year and a half with the thoughts that I had raised during the trip. It has had a lot of grip on me, because when you find out that everything you think you know and feel doesn’t really matter, you have to start attaching new value to everything again. I started from scratch because of this, which was very tough. I came to realize that the ego that we create for ourselves is nothing more than a reflection of our experiences. After this experience I started to see the world much more beautiful, I was able to view everything around me from the social perspective that we all share. I can honestly say that this has made me a better person, in a much shorter period of time than It would take other to get to the same page.

When I look at the drug policy in the Netherlands, I think we can still grow a lot. People have lived on this earth for a long time and so now and then want to be able to let go of things completely. Drugs are simply substances that can detach your sensory skills from everything we know. By criminalizing drugs, you really are not going to solve anything. It is important that we emphasize education so that everyone knows what the consequences could be. Also, as a society, we should reform prejudices about drugs. When someone has a wine cellar with the most exotic wines, you quickly become a connoisseur. But the moment I would have a basement full of specific drugs, with beautiful labels with a special year on them, people would immediately call me junk. And that while that bottle of wine is just as bad, or even worse.’