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‘Drugs zijn eigenlijk niets meer dan een chemische bril, waardoor je alles tijdelijk op een andere manier benadert’

It’s all just a chemical vision in which you approach everything you feel temporarily’

‘Drugs can help you put situations into different perspectives. Those experiences will be something you bring into your daily life or in less positive cases they help you escape reality for a bit. It’s all just a chemical vision in which you approach everything you feel temporarily. It’s like an outing out of your head. Myself, I have to kinds of outings. 

I have the solo’s where I take some psychedelics on my own. Usually when I feel I’m in a good place, I use some LDS. I put on some tender music and with a book I focus on what I feel and where it comes from. It’s nothing more than a session with myself in which my emotions become clear and because of that I quickly find out what I want and why. It just helps me ease my mind at times where I’m doubtful. I can recommend this to anyone.  My second type of outing out of my head is with my friends. We pick a date and really think everything through: we get snacks, dress comfortably and we put a giant mattress in the middle of the living room. While we’re tripping, we have so much fun that sometimes we simply cry our eyes out. And of course, we tell each other how much love we feel for one another. What’s most important is that you should be able to surrender to your trip and to just go with the flow. In our day-to-day life we’re already enough at places in which we don’t know where to go and these outings are great for those moments.’