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Confessions of High Humans

Marcel van der Putten (38)

I was 28 when I first tried truffles. I had no experience with drugs before, apart from drinking alcohol. I’ve always been pretty sceptical about using drugs, I didn’t really want anything to do with it. Drugs are quickly dismissed as wrong.


For me, the truffles were mainly a healthier alternative to drinking alcohol. During the week I was passionate about my health and sports, but in the weekends, I would drink a lot of alcohol. Those two things don’t go together in my opinion. The natural origin of the truffles really appealed to me. For me it was an option to stop drinking alcohol, but to still do something with my way of thinking. It created a change in my consciousness.

‘Truffels waren voor mij een gezonder alternatief voor alcohol’

  Before, I was very focused on making a lot of money, while I got no satisfaction from my job. The moment I got into a serious car accident; my life changed completely. I decided to change everything and look for my own happiness. I found this happiness in guiding people and in using psychedelics.   I eventually set up my own company called ‘Triptherapie’. I researched the different substances in the human brain and combined this with the possibilities of psychedelics. The trip therapy is mainly visited by people with depressive thoughts. They are looking for a cure. I believe psychedelics can provide this cure.  


In the beginning I got a lot of prejudice when I talked about my job and company. When I just started, my parents were very doubtful about what I was doing, but now they even enjoy reading the reviews. The unknown creates fear and misunderstanding, but eventually everyone will get used to the idea of ​​psychedelics when they learn more about it.