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LSD Archives - High Humans

Lorans Al Dandachli (27)

‘Drugs zijn eigenlijk niets meer dan een chemische bril, waardoor je alles tijdelijk op een andere manier benadert’ 'It’s all just a chemical vision in which…
High Humans
May 31, 2021


Not much is known about the brand new 1P-LSD, except that it highly resembles LSD. There are many indications that 1P-LSD is a prodrug of LSD. This means the substance…
High Humans
May 28, 2021

Klaas (28)

‘Ik schrok me dood. Zijn gezicht was compleet verschrompeld en hij had slagtanden!’ ' To me, drugs are a means to destress. To relieve some of the tensions that…
High Humans
May 26, 2021


‘LSD blurs the boundaries/ LSD expands the view/ LSD frees the people/ From their own little self,’ were the lyrics of a Dutch cabaret song from the magical years of…
High Humans
May 18, 2021