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Ecstasy or MDMA has been a widely used substance since the 1990s, especially among people who go out to a club or a festival. Taking a pill is closely related to house culture, but you can also have special experiences with it at home. It gives you a boost of energy that makes you excited and experiences everything more intensely. At the same time, it breaks down inhibitions, making you suddenly more social, cuddly, open about your emotions (and sometimes very horny). Before you know it, you’ll be confessing your deepest secrets to your new best friend all evening.

Ecstasy is relatively harmless drug. The setback – or ‘Tuesday afternoon dip’ – can be very heavy. You also have to be very careful with contaminated pills, which come into circulation every now and then. That is why it is always wise to have your pills tested before use. High Human and street coach Eddy would rather see young people on the pills than on the drink: ‘People who have used XTC or MDMA are generally much more pleasant than people who have drunk alcohol. Everyone is happy and there are never fights.”

Ecstasy ranks 17 out of 20 in Professor David Nutt’s drug-harm index. So it is relatively harmless. Yet mind-altering drugs are never without risk. For more information about this, we would like to refer you to Jellinek, where you can read more about: effect/risks/addiction.

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